I’m sorry babe I’m just to lost without you.

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Little over two years ago.. The person that means the absolute world to me.. My very best friend and the person I’ve been in love with since the day I met her.. She is such a hard working strong amazing wonderful understanding kind beautiful woman, I love everything about her and every thing she stands for, I would be lost without her I love her with all my hear, I wish I had never fucked things up between us.. Life is so hard and I miss you so much everyday.. I just wish I could fix it all… I’m in so much pain so lost and lonely.. And I don’t know what to do anymore.. You’re so perfect.. You are a true best friend I will always love you and I will never be over you and time has shown me that

Ahhhhh! Fuck my life I miss you!!!!


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'Cause you're all I've got

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